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Many parents of children with cognitive disabilities such as OCD or autism have seen firsthand that not all behavioral care facilities are created equal. Many of these treatment programs utilize behavioral science in name only, and conduct classes and training in a facility that feels oppressive and institutional. We believe that the best approach is an evidence-based method utilizing the latest insights that research in ABA therapy can offer. Furthermore, we know that children have the greatest opportunity to grow and thrive when they’re in an environment that makes them feel comfortable and open to new experiences. Our pledge is to treat each child who crosses our threshold with respect and compassion, and one-on-one attention that few other facilities can promise.

Our team uses a science-based school readiness model similar to the Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis for Schooling (CABAS®). With a low staff-to-student ratio, we offer inclusive education and early intensive behavioral intervention for children of all developmental levels.

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School Readiness and Intensive Behavioral Care Under One Roof

Many of our students do best with little disruption, growing and thriving as a result of the strong relationships that they develop with teachers and counselors. It’s why we conduct both our early intervention and school readiness programs in one location. This easy transition helps your child not only adjust problematic behaviors, but develop the skills needed to fully participate in their educational opportunities.

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