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Our Team

Kaitlin Woodard

Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Kaitlin Woodard was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. After choosing to double up her junior year of high school, Kaitlin graduated at 16 years old and moved on to pursue her bachelor’s degree in business administration at Kaplan University. While still in New York, Kaitlin started working at a local hospital in the billing department, where she discovered her joy for the research in the insurance billing field and the constant challenge that it provided. This interest helped inspire her to transfer to a private practice where she learned how to code.


Upon moving to Arizona, Kaitlin came across SPBS and became interested in the position and company. Having no prior experience with ABA she was interested in learning a new skill, and she was impressed by the services we provide. After Starting with us, Kaitlin gave herself a goal of becoming certified and now holds certifications as a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists, Certified Professional Biller, and Certified Professional Coder. Kaitlin prides herself on the ability to effectively navigate the health insurance world while paying attention to small details and staying up to date on policy changes. Kaitlin can quickly aid our families in understanding their insurance benefits and ensure that our clients are covered. One of the things Kaitlin loves about SPBS is that from the front to the backend we strive to ensure that our families have the best services, success, and experience that we can provide. When not working, Kaitlin enjoys hiking and exploring new places with her husband and two children.