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Our Process

A Compassionate, Science-Based Approach

We Rely on Observable, Empirical Data to Track Progress.
The Scottsdale Children’s Institute (SCI) offers a unique program like no other in the state of Arizona. With both intensive behavioral therapies and school readiness programs under one roof, we provide a trusted resource for children with developmental disorders and their families alike. Our kindergarten readiness program offers an inclusive, structured, scientific approach to teaching that is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). We provide our students with a learner-driven, positive environment and we strive to foster a love of learning in each and every student.
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    Step 1: Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

    We offer an initial kindergarten readiness skills assessment free of charge. During this assessment, we will evaluate whether your child is missing or needs development in skills that are deemed necessary for kindergarten students in the state of Arizona. This may include self-help skills, literacy and speech skills, motor development, and basic math skills such as counting and identifying shapes.

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    Step 2: Custom Curriculum Plan

    Based on our assessment, we create a custom curriculum and treatment approach for your child that will help them start school with confidence. We use a fusion of on-site education and caretaker training that will help parents, teachers, and aides continue reinforcing skills and behaviors that enable your child to thrive within a school environment. Consistency is key to behavioral treatment, as your child learns which behaviors lead to the most positive outcomes.

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    Step 3: Inclusive In-Class Education

    One of the key strengths of our institute is fostering learning in a stimulating, enriching environment. Our classroom environment sets the stage for your child’s future schooling, enabling them to learn educational and social skills in a place with professional, proactive assistance on hand. Our inclusive learning environment brings children with varying levels of readiness into one place so that students can learn from each other and directly experience the rewards of improved skills.

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    Step 4: Evaluation and Adjustment

    We constantly evaluate our target goals against your child’s individualized lesson plan to ensure that we are finding the right solutions for your unique situation. Although our assessment is thorough, every child is unique, and various factors throughout the educational process may require us to pivot our strategy to optimize results and adapt to an evolving situation. At every stage, we are committed to research-based solutions and compassionate techniques administered by experienced, qualified professionals. We are invested in your child’s success. Using observation and evaluation of empirical data, we promise that you’ll be able to see the change as well.

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