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School Readiness

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We Provide Everything Your Child Needs to Feel Prepared for School.

Is public school right for your child? Children with ASD and other developmental disabilities represent a wide variety of behaviors and abilities. However, we’re confident that students using our program are able to smoothly transition to standard schooling, as long as they and their parents and teachers are equipped with the right tools.

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Common Questions About School Readiness Training

  • What is school readiness?

    School readiness includes many factors, such as your child’s readiness for school, the school’s readiness for children with diverse needs, and the availability of family and community support for optimal early child development. Essential aspects of school readiness include physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development.

  • How do I know if my child is school-ready?

    Determining whether your child is school-ready involves both subjective and objective milestones. You or your child’s teachers may express concerns about their readiness for school based on personal experiences and comparisons with other children.

    Every school has different criteria when it comes to kindergarten readiness. However, most schools in Arizona, have standard milestones for starting kindergarten, including:

    • Self-help skills, such as using the restroom independently
    • Language and literacy skills, such as using sentences with at least 5-6 words
    • Emotional and social skills, including understanding the importance of taking turns
    • Motor development, such as holding a pencil and utensils
    • Basic math skills, like identifying numbers and shapes

    If you have questions or concerns about school readiness, we can help. We use objective tools to measure your child’s school readiness, including their academic, behavioral, and emotional skills.

  • What does a school readiness assessment involve?

    The team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute offers a kindergarten readiness assessment free of charge to families looking for support. This assessment evaluates your child’s skills across different areas, including:

    • Math
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Language
    • Social skills
    • Compliance
    • Self-management

    Then, they analyze the results in relation to the Comprehensive Preschool Inventory of Repertoires for Kindergarten Assessment (C-PIRK). They compare your child’s performance with Arizona’s early learning standards to determine whether your child meets the state’s expectations for preschool and kindergarten.

  • What should I do if my child is not school-ready?

    If your child isn’t ready for a general education classroom, they may benefit from the applied behavior analysis (ABA) kindergarten readiness program at Scottsdale Children’s Institute. The highly trained staff includes doctoral and master’s-level ABA experts who provide ongoing assessment of your child’s behavior and learning.

    The team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute monitors every behavior and pays careful attention to your child’s responses to ensure effective teaching and learning.

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Get a Free Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.

Get a Free Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.


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