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Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

An Early Start Can Clear Roadblocks

Our Intensive Intervention Yields Both Short and Long Term Benefits.

Developmental disorders and behavioral challenges can be overwhelming… both for the child in question and for parents, teachers, and family who experience daily battlefields that disrupt every necessary pattern of home and school. We provide actionable, targeted solutions that actually work. Both our behavioral intervention branch and our school readiness training occur under one roof, allowing for a multi-faceted approach to complex cases, all in a comfortable environment with teachers you and your child trust.

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Common Questions About Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)

  • What is early intensive behavioral intervention?

    Early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) is an evidence-based approach that focuses on teaching adaptive behaviors to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). EIBI uses the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and follows these processes:

    Assessment of your child’s current skills and needs Encouragement of skills development through positive reinforcement Individualized teaching methods and strategies based on your child’s needs Routine observation, measurement, and monitoring to update interventions Training parents and caregivers to apply the intervention at home

    The highly trained staff of master’s and doctoral-level ABA therapists at Scottsdale Children’s Institute have extensive experience with EIBI.

  • Who is early intensive behavioral intervention for?

    Our team provides EIBI for children ages 2-6 who have ASD. Research shows that EIBI is most effective when the intervention begins as early as possible (before age 5) and lasts 2-3 years.

  • How does early intensive behavioral intervention work?

    As the name suggests, EIBI involves intensive intervention that typically runs 20-40 hours per week. During this time, your child receives individualized instruction from the expert team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute. They also teach parents and caregivers how to apply EIBI techniques at home.

    The goal of EIBI is to help your child succeed more easily. EIBI focuses on skills that are functional in your child’s everyday life, including self-help skills like washing their hands and communication skills like asking for their turn with a toy. The team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute uses principles of ABA to guide your child to learn positive behaviors. Over time, the level of guidance decreases as your child begins to perform skills independently. We provide ongoing assessment and increase task complexity as your child progresses.

  • How effective is early intensive behavioral intervention?

    Research shows that EIBI may result in advances in development and a reduced need for special services later in a child’s life. The team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute knows that no two children are the same, and results may vary.

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Is EIBI the Right Approach for Your Child?

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