Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Is your child ready for school? Different schools and districts have various standards used to determine school readiness. We want to give your child the tools needed to not only stay afloat in school, but to thrive and love learning. Here’s a checklist to help you determine what your child needs to work on in order to be ready for kindergarten.

We Give Your Child a Leg Up By Nurturing a Love of Learning.
  • Self Help
  • Language/ Literacy
  • Emotional and Social Interactions
  • Motor Development
  • Math

Here at Scottsdale Children’s Institute, we help your child meet each one of these goals before it’s time to start school. However, our most important goal is to nurture a love of learning in your child. We specialize in children with special needs and developmental disorders, utilizing ABA therapy to manage triggers and increase good behaviors in a comfortable classroom-like environment that will help your child feel at home.

Remember, for children with developmental disabilities, a checklist alone won’t provide all the information you need to ensure that you’re ready for school. Schedule an appointment with our specialized team today to get a professional assessment of your child’s school readiness.

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