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ABA Therapy located in North Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ

Jacob Boney, PsyD, BCBA-D, and the team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute are on a mission to bring the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to as many people as possible. They offer ABA therapy to children ages 0-11 at their school in Scottsdale, Arizona. For individualized ABA therapy from highly trained experts in the science of learning, call or book an appointment online today.

ABA Therapy Q & A

What is ABA therapy?

Many experts consider applied behavior analysis (ABA) to be the gold-standard treatment for children with developmental conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

The team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute uses ABA therapy to help children improve their learning, social, and communication skills through positive reinforcement. 

Who can benefit from ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is a science-based model that applies the principles of behavior analysis to real-world situations, like learning at home and in a classroom environment. Therapists have been using ABA for decades to help children with autism and similar developmental disorders. 

The team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute uses ABA as part of an individualized plan to help your child in a variety of areas, including:

  • Decreasing behaviors that make it difficult to learn, such as anger outbursts
  • Improving focus, memory, attention, social skills, and academic performance
  • Increasing communication and language skills

In addition to working with your child, the team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute relies on the cooperation of all parents and caregivers to reinforce desired behaviors at home. 

How does ABA therapy work?

ABA therapy involves a variety of techniques, but one of the major strategies is positive reinforcement. When a reward immediately follows a behavior, the person is more likely to repeat that behavior. This encourages positive behavior change over time. 

The team at Scottsdale Children’s Institute adapts ABA therapy to meet your child’s unique needs and teach them useful skills.

What should I expect from ABA therapy?

The first step in ABA therapy is a consultation and assessment with the highly trained behavior specialists at Scottsdale Children’s Institute. 

During this functional behavior assessment, your therapist spends time interacting with your child to note their behavior and communication skills. 

Then, your Scottsdale Children’s Institute therapist develops an individualized plan tailored to your child’s unique needs and treatment goals. 

Every plan is different, but they generally focus on reducing problematic behaviors, such as tantrums or self-harm, and improving skills like language and communication.

They also work with you and any caregivers involved to help reinforce positive behaviors outside of Scottsdale Children’s Institute. Every ABA therapy plan involves frequent evaluation and ongoing assessment to ensure the best experience for your child. 

For ABA therapy from board-certified providers, call Scottsdale Children’s Institute or book an appointment online today.