How Will You Determine If My Child Is School Ready?


How Will You Determine If My Child Is School Ready?

If you are concerned that your child may not be kindergarten ready, we offer a kindergarten-readiness assessment free of charge to any family looking for support. During this assessment, we will assess your child’s skills across a variety of different areas, including mathematics, reading, writing, social skills, language, compliance and self-management. The results are then analyzed in relation to the C-PIRK® which is a comprehensive preschool inventory of repertoires for kindergarten assessment tool. Your child’s performance will also be compared to the Arizona early learning standards to assess whether your child is currently meeting the state’s expectations for preschool/kindergarten and identify potential areas of need for expectations not currently being met. Based your child’s performance across these areas as compared to the general expectation of children in the same age group, we will make a recommendation about whether your child is kindergarten ready, or not.


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