Our Process


Our Unique Process

The Scottsdale Children’s Institute (SCI) offers a unique program like no other in the state of Arizona. Our kindergarten readiness program offers an inclusive, structured, scientific approach to teaching that is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). We provide our learners with a learner-driven, positive environment and we strive to foster a love of learning in each and every student.


The Students

  • It is our job to figure out how your child learns and what motivates them because every child is different

  • We do not try to fit all children into one box using one curriculum.

  • Each child receives their own individualized curriculum and progress is evaluated daily.



  • It is our goal to ensure that your child progresses at the fastest rate possible.

  • The students’ individualized curriculum is catered to their specific skill set.

  • Objectives are spiraled such that old skills are being maintained while new skills are introduced.



  • Our model has safeguards in place to set your child up for success.

  • The likelihood that your child will succeed increases significantly when teachers apply the science of teaching and learning and use evidence-based methods of instruction.


Our Staff

  • We offer an in-take kindergarten readiness skills assessment free of charge.

  • Recommendations prior to beginning services are based on assessment results and direct observation.

  • Curriculum, development is based on rigorous assessment skills across all relevant subject areas.



  • Highest quality of staff delivering the best quality of services.

  • Training hierarchy based on education, experience, and performance.

  • Staff receives daily training and supervision directly from our doctoral-level practitioners.



      • At SCI, we are experts in the science of teaching and learning and we teach your child to love learning.

      • Our decisions are based on empirical data of observable behavior.

      • We monitor progress with finite measurements and record each student response for each program every single day.



Quick Start Promise

Time is precious, get your child on the right track.

We are currently accepting applications for January enrollment. 





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